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How I Put My Web Resume Online

These days a person changes jobs more often than in the past.  To some of you this might not be anything new and you may have already done so successfully.  As for me I just discovered and developed my Web-Resume and am sharing my experience with you.Eye Glasses-CROP
Traditionally, most of us have the good old word processed resume that we deliver to prospective employers either via email or printing.  With the advent of sites like “LinkedIn” and other professional sites, I thought to myself why not add that much more exposure with my own personal professional web page that translates both my traditional resume as well as my professional LinkedIn profile.  There are a couple of advantages I believed I’d realize by doing so:
  • Increased exposure to my professional credentials
  • Flexibility or freedom from the structured design guidelines of both traditional resume’s and membership sites such as LinkedIn
  • Ability to take advantage of search engines via the site’s keywords and other search engine tools.
  • Single site for potential employers/recruiters to both view my credentials as well as download my most up to date resume.
  • A single place to update my resume without having to keep track which version is which and which format (MS Word, PDF..etc) is the most recent one..
  • The non-traditional web resume can portray you as a candidate who is capable of getting creative and taking that little extra initiative to get the job.
Here’s How I got to my final and published web resume design.
I initially began by looking at simply converting my MS Word formatted resume into a single HTML file and uploading it onto my target website.  So I experimented with several methods though specific hosted services which either allowed you to upload the resume and have it converted for you, or provide you with a limited number of templates to design your resume accordingly.  Upon completion, they will provide you with a unique web address which you can incorporate into your email and share with prospective employers.  The above came with a monthly fee.  The fees I found started at $9.99 per month.  To me that did not make sense, especially that I was still bound by the restrictions of the templates they provided, not having no control over my hosted domain as well as not owning the domain name (such as www.johnsmith.com or .net or .org….etc).  I’m not saying it is not a practical solution, but for me it was not.

My next attempt at Web-Resume came the form of designing my own website from scratch.  I had some time on my hands and thought I could hit to birds with one stone; 1) Get my Web-Resume online, and 2) Develop new skills (web design) as I had no prior web design experience.  So, I started off with a Microsoft product call Expression Web, it was nice but the learning curve got to be more than I could handle.  I tried another software which was targeted towards visual design with minor HTML knowledge, but then it did not offer the flexibility and put me back close to the initial attempt…  Back to square one.

I almost gave up on the idea until someone suggested I dabble with blogs and see if I could fit my idea to a blog.  WordPress here I come.  I spend the next two months trying to put my resume idea online using a variety of “from scratch” vanilla WordPress start to some fancy templates (some I had to pay for in order to discover they did not work for me).  Again, not to say that WordPress was bad, it just did not work for me and was in my opinion very limited what it comes to formatting and design flexibility.  It is definitely easy to learn and  is great for blogs and I’ve had a few blogs out there using WordPress.  However, at the end of the day, it did not do the trick of Web-Resume for me personally.  I had a resume online, but did not feel it looked professional enough to present to prospective employers.

Meanwhile, I kept a copy of my MS Word resume on my Google Drive account (you could use any other cloud service such as Dropbox or Skydrive).  With these services you can generate a web address or url and embed it into your communications with employer, but that is still considered “traditional resume” in my book and does not offer anything extra.
And the quest for the perfect place to plant my “web-resume” continued, until I stumbled upon the Joomla platform.  Joomla is described in some circles and a “one step up” from WordPress in terms of design flexibility and learning curve.  So here we go again, onto another learning and web design discovery adventure.  Surprisingly, and possibly from my previous attempt at learning the above mechanisms Joomla was not as difficult or one step above WordPress as I had learned from my searches.  I watched several YouTube video on the subject (yup, some refer to it as YouTube University, it is a good place to start learning anything :-)).  After completing a healthy dose of YouTube learning, went on to scan through the official Joomla documentation before I decided to give my Web-Resume quest another try.  This time however I got greedy and wanted my own name to be the actual url for my Web-Resume and was willing to pay for it if the url was close enough to reflecting my exact name.com.   I went ahead and started shopping for web hosting providers, search for www.bassamosman.com, and tada!!! It was available.  I grabbed it at $10 a year, and a minor hosting fee so I can install the Joomla platform on my OWN domain and on we go with the new personal and professional Web-Resume.  Off course it took some trial and error, along with some frustration, but after three weeks I had my website up and running and you can see from the link.  The best part about it, it looks real good on smartphones as well.  Again, I’m not claiming it was easy to get there, but for me it was worth it.
For now, I highly recommend this Joomla route if you have a little “tech” savvy in you.  If nothing else it gives me great satisfaction that I was able to finally attain my objective.  I hope some of my readers will benefit from my experience.  My hosting provider offers great customer service (24 hours a day via telephone, not just forums and email).  Check them out for yourselves.  I am certainly happy with them and will continue to recommend them.
Happy Web-Resume adventure for you and I hope to hear back from some of you.

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