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Spideroak PC Sync

Now that I’m happily using my handy dandy Spideroak application to encrypt and send my files to the Spideroak servers for safekeeping, I have another dilema or situation I need to tackle on that matter; and that is my second laptop which is my work laptop.

Here’s my scenario or workflow. I’m a Software Project Manager with an Health Information Technology company and with my line of work, I have weeks when I work from home and others when I’m traveling to client sites, sometime one week at a time and others, I’m several weeks away from my home base. When I’m traveling I use my work Laptop and as you all know, we all have not just work files that we use regularly, but we also have several personal files and folders that we need access to. My personal folders are generally held and maintained on my Lenovo X220T Unit. But now, instead of lugging around a USB drive which I have to keep in sync with the Lenovo X220T personal folders I’m using my trusted Spideroak to synchronize them with a local folder on my “not so fun to use” work Dell machine.
You see, once you get the hang of the Spideroak application,which is not that difficult to do you will discover a tab a SYNC. This feature allows you to select any file or folder that is backed up on any of your registered computers and synchronize it with your other registered computers. All you have to do, is go to the SYNC tab, create a new Sync Job, identify and select the files or folders you want to synchronize, save and voila. All done.
Result: I have done some testing on the speed with which Spideroak sychronized files, by having both laptop up and running and making edits to several files and I have identified in a synch job. Though it is not instantaneous, it is a process which completes within a few (a couple depending on file sizes off course) minutes when both units are running and connected. However if your receiving machine is off, then the synchronization will obviously take place as soon as that unit is on and connected to the internet.
Again, my favorite thing about Spideroak is their “Zero Knowledge” technology, meaning I can feel that much better about backing up some of my personal files to the Cloud… Next, I think I will do one more of my Spideroak actual use experience before going back to the Lenovo X220T; probably talk about the infamous X220T Pen. As always and in the meantime, I hope those who read my post do feel free to pose questions, comments, critiques…etc. I plan on doing my best to reply to questions in a timely manner.

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