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I quit smoking back in December 16, 2003. However I quit not because I was having health issues or under the farcical pressure of the health threats in the media; As it has been proven scientifically and that just like any other poisons we induce into our bodies (smoggy air, meats, processed foods, smoke from the BBQ, fattening foods..etc), anything that you do in excess is going to have severe health effect on you and the people around you.No Smoking Sign

Anyway, here”s how I ended up quitting.  As has been socially imprinted in our brains, by the year 2003 it became socially unacceptable to smoke.  I was not going to give in to these propaganda social pressure and told myself I will continue to smoke until I felt like it.  However in my subconscious mind I knew I had become a pariah and a social outcast just like all the other smokers.  

E Cigarettes

So, I woke up on the cold morning of 12/16/2013 made my coffee, went back to my room grabbed a warm jacket and my pack of Marlboro Reds and a lighter, then back into the kitchen, poured myself a nice cup of coffee and out into the garage to enjoy my first coffee and cigarette in order to supposedly start my day right.  The temperature in garage was pretty cold, actually colder than the outside.  But I was stubborn, and told my self I am not going to give in to these self serving anti-smoking propagandists.  I lit up my cigarette, took my first puff of the day and sipped my first coffee .  In one hand I had the cigarette and in the other I had the coffee cup.  As I mentioned it was nippy in the garage, but despite the cold I was telling myself I”m not going to give in, even though I was pathetically shivering in my pants and almost spilling my coffee from the shakes. But again by golly I am going to finish my morning routine and no one is going to stop me dammit.

The reality was, I just visualized myself shivering while holding the cigarette in one hand and coffee the other and thought “this is really pathetic”.  I am no longer enjoying this. The only reason I was smoking to begin with, was because of the enjoyment of this ritual, and it was no longer enjoyable.  Without any hesitation, I put out the cigarette, went back inside the house and finished my coffee. I got ready for work and left as usual with my pack of cigarettes in my shirt pocket as I ha’ve dutifully done for many years passed.  On that same day and despite the cigarettes being in my shirt pocket, I did not get the urge to go downstairs where all the smokers meet at work in a “social rejects” section outside the office building and enjoy their smokes while people going in and out of the building look at them as if they were a bunch socially unacceptable or diseased beings; let alone the occasional “smart ass” comment from someone who suddenly feels they are going to fix the world with the smokeless moral authority, forgetting that before arriving into the building they had driven “by themselves” into the parking lot emitting as many human poisons as the few smokers combined.

The next few days and without any hesitation, I unintentionally skipped the “smoke and coffee in the garage” routine and went to work everyday with a pack of cigarettes in my pocket. The only difference was, I never once remembered to go downstairs during the day to smoke with my “smoking buddies”.  And so this went on for several weeks when as I was tidying up my garage I realized that the ashtray I used to use was still there with the barely smoked cigarette I had put out a few weeks ago.  I am not going to deny the fact that it was a good feeling, especially with the fact that unlike the entire society that was causing other damages to the health, financial and environmental good, smokers had to pay a higher tax for their habit.   I still don”t smoke today, but every time I see someone being harassed in public while they attempt to enjoy their God Given Free Will to smoke, especially since they are paying the higher tax for that privilege, it really makes me wonder about how our society has become such and discriminatory, extremist, and intolerant one.  Yes smoking might be a bad habit, but to quote an article from the Carolina Journal Online article “Blowing Second Hand Smoke“, scientific evidence about the dangers of second hand smoke is scant at best.

Before we know it and just like the Nazis we will start demonizing any behavior and human state that is not conducive to the “Perfect Human” as the Nazis called it.

I am still smoke free, but not because of health reasons as I only smoked a 3-5 cigarettes a day, or the supposed second hand smoke issue, as these have been proven to be “farcical” or fabricated issues. I”m smoke free because I don”t want to be thrown out of a park, an outdoor seating in a restaurant or lose my job. This is just the beginning, one more freedom down the drains, and the “boiling of the frog” continues.

Smoker or non-smoker, car driver or public transportation user, meat eater or vegetarian, obese or skinny, ugly or beatiful folks, gay or straight, these are not evil versus good states.  Do Not Fall for the propaganda, respect the the other persons and their liberty; otherwise your turn is going to come sooner or later.  

The chickens always – yes always – come home to roost. 

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