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Almost Bought A MacBook Pro

The RetinaI’ve always been a PC person as I did not like the “proprietary” type of products Apple produced. Don”t get me wrong, Apple makes good products but I just could not justify spending two to three times more money for the same feature functions that I could get from a PC.

Lately and after some taunting and challenges from several friends to at least check out the new Apple, I though just to be fair, I will do that.

So I went down to the Apple store a couple of days ago and I was greeted by several of the very nice Geniuses (that is what they call their customer service folks, which is nice), and was impressed by how courteous and nice they all were. I explained to one of them that I was considering their latest MacBook Pro 15″ display. I figured this one would be their top of the line consumer type laptop that would compare to my current Win7 Lenovo X220T (which I love by the way). I asked my friendly and knowledgeable Genius about what”s so special with the MacPro in question, and the he proudly listed to me the great features of this awesome machine.

I was impressed with his dazzling presentation, then I asked him if he can help me justify spending two to three times as much money on and Apple MacBook Pro, when I can get twice the power and features from my Lenovo X220T for one third of the price. He proceeded to dazzle me again with the specs. When he figured that I was not impressed, he then presented me with Apple”s secret weapon…… The Retina Display. I said Wow, what is that? He said it is a type of screen resolution technology that only Apple has and that the pixels on the retinal display are so fine that you can”t see them with the naked eye…. Here, I was really impress and in awe. Until I realized. If I can”t see it why on earth do I need it?

So, I left the store feeling very good about the extra money I saved by not going with an Apple product. Not only that, I was able to upgrade my phone from a Samsung Galaxy II to the Galaxy Note, both of which I found to be superior to the iPhone family. But wait, I still have money left over even after I purchased my Galaxy Note.

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