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About Us

Gizmobeat is all about Common Sense, Reason and Practical ways of looking at life in general.

We started off by writing about Practical Personal Technology, however and at our audience’s requests we’ve expanded into other topics. For now, popular topics from our readers are:

  • Social Matters
  • Daily Living
  • Politics
  • Personal Technology
  • Health
  • Good Citizenship
  • The Workplace
  • And Common Sense living in general
  • Finally and for a little thrill reading we might be open some conspiracy theory type of writing. Not the totally paranoid type, and more for the thrill of the story.

We encourage our writers and contributors to focus their articles and blogposts on the “Common Sense” and “Practical” scopes in their topics.

Our aim is to stimulate creative discussions, entertain and at the same time be able to somehow benefit the reader with our common sense and practicality And to that end we strongly discourage offensive and inflamarory contributions.

We want to concentrate on being a “part of the solutions” menmbers of society. We regularly ask ourselves: How can this contribution make even a minor positive difference.

The opinions, suggestions and statements on this site are those of our subscribers, contributors and readers and not necessarily Gizmobeat’s.

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Let’s make the world a better place!